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Logistics engineering

Logistics Engineering

About us

Vocational College Rogaška Slatina was created in response to the ever-increasing needs of employers for personnel in the field of logistics, especially in middle management. It accepted the first students in the academic year 2012/2013, and since then more than 100 graduates have already obtained their education here. Vocational College Rogaška Slatina implements the post-secondary professional study program Logistics Engineering.

Title and level of professional education:
Logistics Engineer (VI/1)

Duration of education:
The study program lasts two years. The study program is evaluated with 120 credit points (ECTS).

Study program and conditions for completion:
Subject                                                                             Mandatory / Optional            ECTS
1. study year
Business communication and management        Mandatory                               5 ECTS 
Professional terminology in a foreign language        Mandatory         5 ECTS 
Computing and informatics in logistics                               Mandatory                                     5 ECTS
Applied mathematics in logistics         Mandatory         5 ECTS 
Basics of economics in logistics         Mandatory         5 ECTS 
Basics of logistics         Mandatory         7 ECTS 
Means of transport in logistics         Mandatory         5 ECTS 
Warehouse technique and technology                             Mandatory         5 ECTS 
Contract law (OC 1)           Mandatory          5 ECTS 
Practical education 1         Mandatory        13 ECTS (400 hours) 

2. study year:
Supply chains                                           Mandatory                                     5 ECTS 
Digitization of logistics processes Mandatory         5 ECTS 
Entrepreneurship Mandatory         5 ECTS 
Logistics in the procurement and sales process             Mandatory         5 ECTS 
Distribution logistics Optional module 
Planning the implementation of the transport process Mandatory         7 ECTS 
Last mile distribution Mandatory         5 ECTS 
Safety in traffic and safety at work (OC 2)Mandatory         5 ECTS 
Freight forwarding and transport insurance (OS)Optional         5 ECTS 
Practical education 2 Mandatory        13 ECTS (400 hours) 
Diploma thesis with defense Mandatory         5 ECTS 

In the second study year, the student chooses one of two optional modules. In order to complete the education and obtain the qualification, the candidate must successfully complete all the obligations of the program (exams, exercises, seminar assignments...).

Enrollment 2024/2025
Candidates who do not have Slovenian citizenship must submit:
  • certified Slovene translation of final examination certificate and certificates 3rd and 4th year with apostille
  • fotocopy/duplicate of the original final certificates
  • fotocopy of personal ID
  • certificate of knowledge of Slovene language at B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) (not necessary immediately, you can obtain the certificate before enrolling in the 2nd year of study)

As of February 1, 2024, the Call for Enrollment in Postsecondary Education for the 2024/2025 academic year is published on the website of the Ministry of Education and the website of the Higher Education Application Service. Vocational College Rogaška Slatina has announced 100 enrollment places for the part-time study of Logistics Engineering.

Application for enrollment can be submitted at the Higher Education Application Service or directly at the Vocational College Rogaška Slatina. To enroll, you will need an identity document and copies of your high school certificates (3rd and 4th year and matriculation certificate). Enrollment in the 2024/2025 academic year is possible until October 9, 2024.


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